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Here at www.faycullen.com we are very proud of our unsurpassed standard of excellence. To us all, integrity is everything. It has brought us to the position of being one of the world's largest antique and estate jewelry web-sites. Our high turnover of antique, vintage and estate engagement rings pays tribute to the competitive prices for which we offer our rings. Amongst other countries, we have sold to England, Germany, Japan, Finland, Argentina and we have even sold to customers in Guantanamo Bay, soldiers in Iraq and customers in Iran!
Our customer base continues to expand on a daily basis since we opened our site up to the public at the beginning of 2001 while we frequently add inventory to the site through social media platforms. Inside Fay Cullen Inc., you may have guessed that there are more than a few anal retentive members of staff, actually all of us, it's a pre-requisite for the job! Our sense of perfection and our collective dedication to quality is what drives this site to offer you the finest quality online. Today FCI is located in the stunningly beautiful, mountainous, sustainable community of Asheville, NC. If you are in the area or you would like to devote a weekend in this friendly, blissful green-town in order to view several FCI engagement ring options, we would be delighted to spend a little time with you, just drop us a line at info@faycullen.com.
Our Customer Service is exemplified by almost 1,000 comments in our Guest Book, many of them from customers exclaiming how their purchase was even more spectacular then the pictures depicted, an A+ rating from the BBB and Five Stars on Trustlink.
Our Purchasing Department is manned by a team of competent staff who calculate diamond weights, grade diamonds, identify colored stones, test gold, select replacement stones, organize repairs for the jeweler, the setter, the pearl stringer and send watches to our watchmaker. The Gemology Department is responsible for identifying, weighing and grading every stone on our site while we use a Colorimeter to ascertain the exact diamond color, ensuring that our grading falls in line with the standards set by GIA. We write your appraisals in this department to ensure that you have the opportunity to insure your jewelry purchase before you wear it.
Constantly working on improving the quality of our photography, the Photography Department analyzes every picture for imperfections and flaws that may detract from the beauty of our jewelry. Our Quality Control ensures that our diamonds are depicted to exactly match the color grade. Before these pictures reach you, they are edited by our Operations Manager and finally edited personally by Fay Cullen.. While you may like to view our exceptional photography, it's our Research Editor who brings these antique, vintage and estate jewelry items to life in print, with in-depth historical and gemological research educating customers, in so doing heightening your buying experience. This is all ‘fine and dandy’ but if it wasn’t for the Design and Implementation Team, we would have nothing new to show you. Despite that fact that our month is hurriedly orientated around the addition of 100-200 items to our site, we try to squeeze in a few extras such as updating photographs and descriptions, adding new features to our site, building more appropriate landing pages, making the site more social media friendly, building new sites and optimizing everything for the ever-hungry search engines which are constantly 'spidering' for new and unique content.
If you decide to call in, your initial contact will be with our Sales Department, handled by a trained staff with extensive experience in the jewelry field. They are all here to answer all your questions to your complete satisfaction, even if they need to call you back with information that you have requested. Because the sales team are trained in the importance of customer satisfaction, you will find that we do everything we can to make your buying experience not only memorable but your taste of exceptional customer service will start you thinking about your next purchase with Fay Cullen Inc. In business for over 30 years, the respect Fay Cullen is given, coupled with the demand for her style, her prices and her high quality inventory, is reward enough for this highly motivated entrepreneur. Turning over our entire multi-million dollar inventory every year, Fay Cullen Inc. is one of the mayor players not only in the international jewelry circuit but online too.
Thank you for visiting.
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