Carvin French Spectacular Serpent Hissing in Hong Kong

This spectacularly designed and painstakingly constructed coiled serpent choker boasts a 12.29ct Colombian emerald tear-drop and an intricate custom-cut buff-topped ruby forehead crowned with a buff-top emerald-cut emerald. As close to real life scales as one may imagine, these channel-set, jigsaw construction corundum and beryl ensemble could be considered mere accentuations to expertly interlocking articulated links pave-set with a multitude of diamonds mounted in contrasting patches of yellowish brown and orange colors.
A hidden clasp secures this slithering snake, menacingly clutching his pave-diamond gallery prey, mounted with a well-cut prong-set tear-drop Colombian emerald. Mounted in 18k yellow gold and measuring 39cm long, Hissing –Sid is signed ‘C.F. for Carvin French’ and numbered (10144) accompanied by AGTA Certificate number 95004010 dated 22nd May 2007 stating that the 12.29ct emerald is of Colombian origin with minor clarity enhancement. Offered on 28th May 2013, this memorable serpent necklace will accept your bids at Christies in Hong Kong next week.

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