David Webb

Antoinette Quilleret, a French woman with exquisite taste backed 22 year old David Webb in 1948, and David Webb Inc. emerged on 57th Street in Manhattan. By 1975, Webb employed 150 jewelers with a grandiose social registry, drawn by his personal charm and by his extravagant ‘culture du jour’ trendsetting designs, directed by the whims of the uber-rich. Originally producing delicate, ladylike and traditional jewelry, depicting his obvious love for nature, illustrated in his floral motif and animal imagery, David Webb Inc. transpired into a flashy new style, an emboldened look that spoke to a new era.

These designs, emerged shortly before his death, incorporating hammered gold, especially black and white enamel, a variety of contrasting stone colors and textures, and shapes synthesized into a new geometry that reflected the spirit of the 1970’s.

The Siberstein Family took over David Webb Inc. for 35 years, expanding to Beverly Hills, Houston and Kuwait. Today Sima Ghadamian, Mark Emanuel and Robert Sadian own David Webb LLC, together having competitive plans to carry forward a rich tradition of design, craftsmanship and creativity, drawing on the immense archives of illustrations, models and molds, that represent the legacy of David Webb, certainly a challenge since gold continues to climb its exponential curve.

David Webb Jewellery at Sotheby’s Sept. 25,2008

My guess is that this successful company will continue to supply the mega-rich, enthusiastic to diversify their assets and that David Webb Inc. will broaden their spectrum of designs to incorporate a variety of less precious metals but protecting that undeniable chunky, market-dominating Webb-look that will eventually die out as austerity erodes our lifestyles and it is no longer ‘cool’ to own, replaced with ‘cool’ to give.

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