Demand a Green Engagement Ring!

Today, miners sift through ‘tailings’ for diamonds they can mount and retail in the form of rough-diamond jewelry. By creating this demand for ‘tailings’, we take some of the power from the monopolies that control the price of diamonds. Buying Green engagement rings demand the relinquishment of power from large monopolies.
Sorting houses are isolating flat stones, die stones, attractive boart, carbonadoes, rogue shapes without cleavage planes or with major flaws or cracks, as well as heavily included crystals, cubes, macles and ballases (spherical cubes), that for half a century were crushed for industrial use in India, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Russia.
New lasering techniques isolate marketable rough stones from formerly unusable chunks with the recent capability of fine-slicing rough for use in modern jewelry. Just a decade ago, dealers gave these stones away for a dollar per carat and today they fetch hundreds of dollars per carat, the price being driven upward by the demand for value and beauty because a 2 carat flat diamond weighs more like 5 carats, available in a fabulous color spectrum to encompass yellows, browns, grays and even oranges.
“Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, have closed the books to new accounts…unable to keep up with production demands”.
Modern Jeweler 01-06-08

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