Diamonds are Forever

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists recently found that a diamond becomes even stronger during rapid compression.
Using the Janus and the Omega laser, scientists clearly showed that shock waves applied by lazar to diamonds, enable it to support almost a million times atmospheric pressure before being crushed. The technical implications of this research regarding uses of diamond, illustrate how its strength could impact fusion-energy experiments. Lead author of the Physical Review B journal, Stewart McWilliams noted of his experiments “it could also provide insights into the ancient history of natural diamonds found on Earth and in meteorites, where shock waves caused by impact are common.”
Researchers measuring natural diamond crystal behavior under shock-wave compression discovered that diamonds were crushed and melted in just a nanosecond (one billionth of a second) illustrating their incredible internal and consistent strength, noting that “What we found is that diamond exhibits considerable strength right up to the point it melts.”
This fascinating research shows that once again, James Bond was right, Diamonds really are Forever!

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