Diana Jarrett checks-out Queen Elizabeth II Bling

Britain’s 84-year-old monarch laid a wreath at the site of the World Trade Center, to pay tribute to the victims of the September 11th terror attacks and spoke with several families who lost loved ones on 9/11. The queen praised the United Nations, called its achievements remarkable and noted that this global organization reduces conflicts and offers humanitarian assistance throughout the world. Queen Elizabeth II also spoke about the continuing challenges of terrorism and climate change and said the mission of the United Nations will transcend generations.
“When people 53 years from now look back on us, they will undoubtedly view many of our practices as old-fashioned. But it is my hope that when judged by future generations, our sincerity, our willingness to take a lead and our determination to do the right thing will stand the test of time,” said the queen.

Please welcome back Diana Jarrett, Gemologist and Journalist and appreciate her discerning eye for all things ‘color-n-ice’, not least those garnishing royalty.

New Yorkers welcome Britain’s Queen Elizabeth for the first time in over 35 years as she visits Ground Zero in lower Manhattan among other locales on her official tour. She is admired for her world class jewelry collection, much of it inherited–and some of it given directly to her during her long reign.
Pink diamonds and other fancy color diamonds have been catapulted to prominence in recent years–and most people attribute their popularity to Jennifer Lopez’ former pink diamond engagement ring from actor Ben Affleck.
Not so fast, gem historians tell us. Once upon a time in 1947 to be exact, a blushing young princess Elizabeth was given a 54 carat pink diamond found in Tanganyika as a wedding present. It was later cut into an exceptional 23.6 carat round brilliant and used as the centerpiece of a magnificent flower motif diamond brooch by Cartier.

This remains a favorite and sentimental piece of personal jewelry that Her Majesty enjoys wearing today as shown here in a recent official photo of the Monarch greeting President and First Lady Obama in Buckingham Palace.

Diana Jarrett GG RMV Member NAJA

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