Fair Trade Afghan Shopping at Tucson

A long conversation with Gary Bowersox of Honolulu, Hawaii revealed that his work with ASMED through USAID helps to promote small and medium businesses owned by miners and tradesmen in Afghanistan. ASMED sponsored participating Afghans by paying for both their booths and showcases at the GJX Gem Show in Tucson, AZ. Gary is an active participating member of the Rotary Club and describes his work with Afghan tradesmen as ‘Bringing Minds to Market’. Gary also described his challenging experiences escorting his Afghan friends into the US, accompanied by both the FBI and the Secret Service! By all accounts, they all had a productive show and if you want to participate by supporting this exciting Free Trade opportunity, look out for just two fabulous multi-strands of Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli, direct from Afghanistan to offer at FCI.

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