Famous Historical Rubies

Amongst the rubies noted historically is a huge stone handed to England’s King
William III in 1697 by young Peter the Great of Russia, while he was learning ship-building in England. In the coronation ring of English kings is a large ruby engraved with the figure of St. George’s Cross. The English consort’s ring also includes a central ruby with sixteen smaller gems surrounding it.
The world’s museums display notable rubies including ‘Edward’s Edith Haggin DeLong Star’ ruby weighing 167 carats safely displayed in the ‘Natural History Museum’ in London. At the ‘American Museum of Natural History’ in New York is the ‘Edith Haggin de Long Star’ Ruby which is a magnificent 100ct gem, and Washington’s Smithsonian Institution displays the 137ct. ‘Rasser Reeves Ruby’.

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