Hanna hits Haiti – FCI Staff Aid ‘Surfside’ Donations.

In less than 21 days, it is reported that more than 200 Haitians were killed by tropical storms. Devastating the country, Tropical Storm Hanna swirled over Haiti for four days, dumping massive amounts of rain, blowing down fruit trees and swamping tin-roofed houses. The port city of Gonaives bore the brunt of the storm, with thousands of people seeking shelter on rooftops and balconies. “There is no food, no water, no clothes,” Arnaud Dumas, a pastor at a Gonaives church, told the Associated Press. “I want to know what I’m supposed to do. We haven’t found anything to eat in two, three days. Nothing at all.”
Responding to a call from his good friend Jeff Feldman from Kopali Communities, Costa Rica, Marc Huot, ‘Operations Manager’ at Fay Cullen Inc. jumped into action with his 14 year old son James, knocking on doors in Surfside to collect clothes and shoes to send to Haiti. Marc was very impressed by the “absolutely amazing” response he received, adding “Surfside was an extremely responsive and enthusiastic community.”

With the aid of Max, Sales Manager and Monica Pelaez, Office Manager at Fay Cullen Inc., they filled an additional car to the brim, Marc was especially impressed with Max’s concerted and impressive efforts commenting that “Max donated a considerable amount of time rallying around collecting donations, doubling our efforts to two sizable cars…filled to the brim”. Accompanied by some Costco shopping for much needed staples, Jeff and Marc together sent 10 trucks ‘stuffed to the gills’ as Jeff described them, headed north to Broward County, sponsored by neighboring Dade County.

While all staples and supplies went directly to ‘Food for the Poor’, all the clothing and shoes were delivered to ‘Help Brings Hope for Haiti’ and shipped to Haiti in large containers for immediate distribution.
Fay Cullen would like to extend her personal thanks to all those who contributed their time in the service of aiding our fellow men for we never know who will be the next victim of climatic devastation.

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