Hill-Billy, Beach-Bum, English-Rose & Vintage Discounts until Friday ONLY

Mountain Discounts for Green Girls
Save $1,500 by Going Hill-Billy Grass Green with an 18k EGL Certified 1.16ct Diamond & Tsavorite Green Garnet Engagement Ring until Friday ONLY

Beach Discounts for Brown Girls
Save $1,000 by Turning Fancy Beach-Bum Brown with an Art Deco 2.20ct Fancy Brownish Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring until Friday ONLY

Save $2,500 on a Rose-cut Diamond for an English Rose until Friday ONLY
Go out-of-the-box with a Platinum GIA Certified Novelty 1.92ct Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

Save $1,000 by Winding Back the Clock to the 1940’s until Friday ONLY
Vintage Cushion-cut 3.90ct Vivid Indigo-violet Sapphire Engagement Ring

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