Iraq – SGT Vernon W. Riley of the 3d ACR

Iraq – SGT Vernon W. Riley of the 3d ACR

Vernon W. Riley hasn’t seen his wife or son for two Christmas’s so I dedicate this Newsletter to his family and his generous and noble words of appreciation. Our thanks go out to you and your platoon, whom we wish a safe and speedy return and heartfelt thanks and appreciation and gratitude for protecting our country.

“My name is SGT Vernon W. Riley of the 3d ACRSgt Riley & Wife currently deployed in Iraq. Thank you very much for your help in acquiring the perfect gift for my wife this Christmas. When I saw the earrings on your web site I knew they belonged with my wife. I have been deployed in Iraq for thirteen months and this will be the second Holiday season that I am away from my wife, Carrie and our son, Kalem. We knew when I joined the Army in 2006 that I would be deployed; we just didn’t know how it would feel to be apart for so long. She is the most amazing woman I have ever know and I can not do enough to show her my appreciation for what she has endured these months apart. She, along with all the other spouses of deployed soldiers are truly heroes. Truly Patriots. Please take time this Holiday season to let the Wives, Husbands and Children who are left behind in this war know that their sacrifice is a noble one. That they are the standard-bearers of Patriotism in this country. That they will never be forgotten by those whom they supported. Thank you again for your help and may your Holiday be a special one.”

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