Just Charming ~ Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence in Charms
Sporting a charming bracelet, Jennifer Lawrence traded her bow and arrow in for a black and white Hollywood shoot, adorned with some fabulous chunky bracelets and turned the set into a glistening gold-mine, and you can too! Check out these 28 intricately hand-constructed charms from the 1950’s, mounted in 18k gold; how many meals would you forsake for this unique charm bracelet?
Nothing to wear it with? Here’s the key; take an old frock and arm yourself with the scissors below; a little snip here and a little snip there, take the iron below and flatten out an entirely new outfit! If they don’t like it, you always have the rolling pin!
Vintage 18k Rose Gold Charm Bracelet
Vintage 18k Rose Gold Charm Bracelet

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