Carvin French Spectacular Serpent Hissing in Hong Kong

This spectacularly designed and painstakingly constructed coiled serpent choker boasts a 12.29ct Colombian emerald tear-drop and an intricate custom-cut buff-topped ruby forehead crowned with a buff-top emerald-cut emerald. As close to real life scales as one may imagine, these channel-set, jigsaw construction corundum and beryl ensemble could be considered mere accentuations to expertly interlocking articulated links pave-set with a multitude of diamonds mounted in contrasting patches of yellowish brown and orange colors.
A hidden clasp secures this slithering snake, menacingly clutching his pave-diamond gallery prey, mounted with a well-cut prong-set tear-drop Colombian emerald. Mounted in 18k yellow gold and measuring 39cm long, Hissing –Sid is signed ‘C.F. for Carvin French’ and numbered (10144) accompanied by AGTA Certificate number 95004010 dated 22nd May 2007 stating that the 12.29ct emerald is of Colombian origin with minor clarity enhancement. Offered on 28th May 2013, this memorable serpent necklace will accept your bids at Christies in Hong Kong next week.

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Cartier 46ct Unheated Ceylon Sapphire Necklace on the Block

Centrally mounted with a cushion-cut Ceylon sapphire weighing approximately 46cts, this independent girandole Cartier pendant is rear-fitted with quatrefoil connective fixtures. Superbly matched with a trio of sizable cabochon emerald tear-drops accentuated by a double row of graduating emeralds punctuated by roundels, this spellbinding signed Cartier necklace (No. 34391B) is constructed in platinum mounted with pendant motif matching spacers and clasp, accentuated by a charming and cheeky clasping cabochon sapphire tear-drop.
Estimated to sell for between one and two million dollars, this colorful Cartier necklace is certified by the Gubelin Gem Lab, report number 0408151 dated 19th February 2013, stating that the Ceylon sapphire is unheated. Offered in the original red leather Cartier case, this necklace / brooch ensemble will be available for purchase at Christies auction house in Hong Kong on 28th May 2013.

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The 74ct Ceylonese Padparadscha & Diamond Ring

Centrally mounted with an oval padparadscha weighing approximately 74cts, this 18k rose gold ring offers a diamond mounted surround and trifurcated shoulders. Certified by SSEF, this Ceylonese origin pastel sapphire is described as “possessing extraordinary characteristics that merit special attention and appreciation.” Of impressive weight and size with outstanding purity, the color of this Sri Lancan padparadscha is highly characteristic for this rare variety of corundum. Exhibiting zero treatments for color or clarity, this virgin GIA certified padparadscha is featured in report number 65177 dated 3rd October 2012, issued by the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute described as displaying a “homogenous delicate orange-pink color.”
The name padparadscha is derived from Sanskrit: ‘padma’ meaning lotus, and ‘raga’ meaning color since it resembles the famed and beautiful lotus flower of Sri Lanka where the source of these remarkable gems was first discovered. Belonging to the corundum family, the slight presence of particular trace elements determines color; while sapphires are tinted with iron and rubies with chromium, padparadschas are honored by a combination of both. This ring will be auctioned in Hong Kong at Christies on 28th May 2013.

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GIA 75.36ct D/Flawless Briolette Diamond Necklace

This 75.36ct briolette diamond pendant is directly supported by a purplish-pink colored marquise diamond prong-set in rose gold, suspended from an adjustable length 18k white gold briolette diamond chain measuring 45.8cm long. Accompanied by GIA Certificate number 11812033 dated 18th April 2013, this type IIA internally flawless, D color diamond is described as being amongst the most chemically pure and of exceptional optical transparency.
Type IIA diamonds were originally identified as originating from India, particularly the Golconda Region but have since been recovered in all major diamond-producing regions of the world. Both the 530ct Cullinan diamond and the 105ct Koh-I-Noor diamond are categorized as type IIA diamonds. Estimated to realize between approximately nine and thirteen million dollars, this magnificent necklace will be sold in auction by Christies, Hong Kong on 28th May 2013.

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Boucheron Necklace – Christie’s 2013 Magnificent Jewels Auction

Selling in the original grey suede Boucheron case, this platinum and 18k yellow gold GIA certified Boucheron necklace measures 39.5cm long. Mounted with a row of very angular graduating European-cut diamonds vertically interspersed with prong-set baguette diamonds, this spectacular necklace boasts a hinged European-cut diamond suspended from each of eight centrally aligned baguette diamonds. Supporting three large tear-drop cabochon emeralds, the three largest European-cut diamonds are rear-mounted with horizontal jump-rings, through which oxidized white gold bales are secured, bezel-set with an assortment of accentuating European-cut diamonds.
In stark contrast, four smaller double 18k yellow gold prong-set cabochon emeralds are attached to pairs of supporting European-cut diamonds by means of discreet jump-rings. A hidden sugarloaf emerald clasp completes this memorable fringe necklace mounted with approximately 105cts of sizable superbly matched flanking Colombian emeralds of ‘excellent’ purity, rarely witnessed in beryl. Commonly filled with a colorless substance to enhance emerald clarity, GIA was surprised to find none evident in the larger and most impressive emerald, covered in the Swiss GIA report number 66682 dated 11th February 2013. This necklace is being offered on 28th May 2013 by Christies in Hong Kong.

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Pearls on Fingers of June Girls – 7 Day FREE SHIPPING

Take your pick or give him a nudge! Three fabulous heavy gold pearl rings for June birthstones with FREE SHIPPING for 7 days only. Please enter this Promo Code when making your purchase and save up to $100 on Domestic Shipping until Tuesday 14th May; 7dfrpearls.

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Celebrate her Rareity in June with an Alexandrite!

June is the month for the Alexandrite birthstone, named after the Russian tsar Alexander. The first crystals were discovered way back in 1834 in the emerald mines of the Ural Mountains but their rarity and value doesn’t prevent you from owning one or even offering one to someone special who fits the bill in June!
Art Deco Alexandrite & Diamond Ring
Take a look at the color change that these unique stones offer with varying sources of light;

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Last Minute $10 Mother’s Day Gift with FREE SHIPPING

We know that times are tough and jobs are scarce but today there’s no excuse for neglecting Mom since is selling 50 Mother’s Day Jewelry Boxes for ONLY $10 EACH. Normally sold for $32 and valued at $50, these beautiful, silky-smooth pink and grey suede-ette jewelry boxes can be yours to give with FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING by using this Free Domestic Shipping Promo Code; b0xsh1pfr33.

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Flying Slade Smiley to the Top of AT&T

It’s Orange County’s turn to host another Real Housewives Wedding!
Flying Slade Smiley out to the top of the AT&T building in LA. By helicopter, Gretchen Rossi, took the bull by the horns after patiently waiting 4 years, and promptly declared her undying love with a black-gold and black-diamond band.
As if by fate, just 4 days later, Smiley ended up returning the favor with a 4-carat fancy yellow diamond engagement ring surrounded by diamonds.
When asked about her bold proposal, Gretchen replied “Life is too short, I’m in love with this man, and I needed to take the plunge!”
Presently hosting a radio show and allegedly a former male model, this housewife-dating superstar commenced season one in 2007 with Jo De La Rosa; although neither one was a housewife, he was apparently rich enough and she was the perfect image of a trophy wife that Bravo realized they had hit the jackpot with these two. He then moved on to Lauri Waring, back to Jo De La Rosa in a desperate attempt to do a spin off show called ‘Date My Ex: Jo & Slade’ and finally Gretchen Rossi. Rossi and Smiley and counting on this being the last port of call.
If you like to be clad in fancy-yellow, how about one of these diamond engagement rings below?

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PUNK: Chaos to Couture – Met Gala Spikes and Chains

Punk Fashion will be the focus of Spring 2013 Costume Institute exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum from tomorrow until August 14. Benefiting the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘PUNK: Chaos to Couture’ was Monday’s featured gala theme.

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala Madonna at the 2013 Punk Met Gala "PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala Sarah Jessica parker at the 2013 Punk Met Gala Punk Met Gala 2013
Our favorites? The more daring and appropriately dressed for the theme; Sarah Jessica Parker decked-out with faux-hawk headpiece, Miley Cyrus donning spikes, Madonna rocked thigh highs, pink shoes and a suit jacket and Beyoncé in second-skin Givenchy.

Checkout these Punk-themed jewelry items below that transform your outfit with just the details!

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