Paloma Picasso

Born on 19th April 1949, Anne Paloma Picasso, known professionally as Paloma Picasso, is an artist with an influential and obvious point of reference.

Youngest daughter of famed 20th-century artist Pablo Picasso and painter and writer Francoise Gilot, Paloma Picasso, a French/Spanish fashion designer and businesswoman, is best known for her jewelry designs and signature perfumes. Destined for fame, Paloma Picasso’s jewelry career began in 1968, when her love of clothes drew her to costume design in Paris.

Selling home-made rhinestone necklaces at flea markets drew attention from critics, not least Yves Saint Laurent asked her to design accessories to accompany one of his collections, and by 1971 she was working for the Greek jewelry company Zolotas. Her personal life led her to set-design where she met and married playwright and director Rafael Lopez-Cambil in a black-and-white themed wedding.

In 1980 Paloma Picasso was asked to design jewelry for Tiffany & Co. of New York, after all, undoubtedly an intellectual branding marketing ploy. Colored gemstones combinations were incorporated in bold designs, her namesake, the dove was a favorite symbol and red signified her work throughout her career.

In 1984, L’Oreal jumped onboard the Picasso bandwagon when Paloma Picasso began experimenting with fragrance (‘for strong women like herself’) and her husband designed the red and black packaging and bottle. And to follow came a cosmetics and bath line including body lotion, powder, shower gel, and soap.

As Paloma Picasso reached her 50?s, her bold primary colors gave way to gray, gold, and tan, reflected in her personal appearance, since she dispensed with the signature fire-engine-red lipstick favored by her since the age of 17.

Paloma Picasso briefly lost interest in designing following the death of her father in 1973, at which time she played Countess Erzs bet Bathory in Polish filmmaker Walerian Borowczyk’s erotic film, Immoral Tales (1974), receiving praise from the critics for her beauty. Paloma Picasso has not acted since and today she is married to a French doctor after she divorced Rafael Lopez-Cambil.

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