Roberto Coin & Cento Collection

In 2003, Roberto Coin introduced a brand extension for the company with the world premiere of the ultramodern diamond engagement ring collection known as the Roberto Coin Cento Collection. Launched exclusively in the United States, the Cento Collection is the world’s ultimate 100-facet diamond. Cento, derived from the Italian word for one hundred — the number for perfection — describes this new sophisticated diamond. Comparable round diamonds usually have 57 or 58 facets, the Cento Diamond has one hundred, making this the most unique and individual diamond today.

It took 2 years of cutting and re-cutting and 4 million dollars worth of rough diamonds to develop the signature Cento cut diamond for Roberto Coin. The result was the most avant-garde round brilliant diamond ever designed, a completely original signature cut diamond with 100 facets and a floral pattern visible in the crown.

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