Rose-cut Diamonds

Rose-cut belongs to the ‘antique’ family of diamond cuts introduced as early as the 1500’s. By the mid-16th century, various forms of the rose-cut diamonds were developed, derived from the preceding types of cuts.

A flat base and a crown composed of triangular facets constitute the basic characteristics of rose-cut diamonds, the name of which derives from a visible resemblance to the petals of a rose bud. Although mostly circular in outline, other variations such as the oval-shape ‘briolette-rose’ the hexagonal ‘Antwerp-rose’ and the ‘double-Dutch rose’ have also been in use and considered to be part of the rose-cut diamond family.

Earlier diamonds, including rose-cuts, were cut manually until the early 1900’s, involving a laborious and time-consuming process. Rose-cut diamonds have gradually become more scarce and can today be found almost exclusively antique jewelry due to the fact that many antique diamonds have been re-cut to suit more modern proportions, resulting in escalating demand for the variety that is all but extinct…..until today !

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