Ruby: Vietnam-Purple Siamese-Brown Burmese-Red Ceylon-Pink

Other important ruby deposits exist in Vietnam, near the Chinese border. Rubies of Vietnamese origins frequently display a slightly purplish hue, while those from Thailand, have a darker red tending towards brown, referred to as the ‘Siamese color’. The latter is often an elegantly muted deep-red considered second in beauty only to the Burmese color and particularly popular in the USA. Ceylon rubies which have historically become rarer, display a light-red color resembling that of ripe raspberries.

The Hunza Valley in Pakistan, Kashmir, Tadjikistan, Laos, Nepal and Afghanistan are other locations of ruby deposits, and those of Kenya and Tanzania which were discovered in the 1960’s, have surprised the experts by their very beautiful color, varying from light to dark red. In these African mines, too, fine and clear rubies of notable size and clarity are very rare.

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