The Black Swan Collection – FCI Rough-cut Diamonds

The world continues to turn and we continue to shop but this month I have a very special selection to share with you. The rings I bring to you today are very special to me because they are the antithesis of the restricted-entry diamantiere business. These rings are the imaginary product of Debeers immortalized as a TBL, more concerned with their impact on People and Planet than Profit.
This is my DebeerS-SreebeD Black Swan Collection, my creative love of taking what are considered to be left-overs, by those who create the demand for their one-in-a-million, highly-sophisticated, expensively-marketed, over-indulgent products and market them as a gift from Mother with all the life, color, natural artistry and uniqueness that only she can provide. Every one of these rough unsophisticated diamonds is unique in color, cut, internal structure and tonality. Unlike DeBeers diamonds, which look and grade very similarly, you don’t need to engrave the girdle of an ‘FCI Rough-cut Diamond’ to differentiate between them because they don’t look like carbon copies; you don’t need the exact weight and laboratory-identified cut of an ‘FCI Rough-cut Diamond’ to appreciate the shape, because every one is different in a non-conformist way; you don’t need an expensive appraisal to prove how your diamond graded, because Mother doesn’t judge her children, she loves them all equally, each with unique talents.
I’m quite sure that DeBeers, have been shoveling these ‘rocks’ for years, destined for industrial use, never thinking for a minute that us ‘Green-folk’ might actually appreciate all that they have to offer.
In the 17th Century, the discovery of black swans in Australia metamorphosed the term to connote that this perceived impossibility (a black swan) actually came to pass and for this reason, our exclusive Black Swan ‘FCI Rough-cut Diamond Collection’ is not only a diamond in the rough but perhaps like the ugly duckling, it will became the most beautiful and revered of all not only photographically but for everything that it stands for in society.

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