Why Should I Buy Diamonds Today?

The gold price is creeping up, very closely accompanied by the cost of food and precious metals; the price of all commodities is heading north and will continue to do so as long as we permit the printing of more fiat dollars. The most obvious and most direct effect of this money-printing is the price of gasoline, which is not shy about daily increases. Prices of diamonds mined at the high value Lets’eng mine in Lesotho continued to raise in April, reaching a record average of $4,272 per carat, fetching on average, 79% higher prices than those achieved in the first quarter. Sharp shoppers will understand the relationship between the 24/7 US printing press and new inventory and look for retail outlets with a large inventory on hand, that have not yet restocked, with the new prices, such as FCI online.

Sales at Gem Diamonds?
Ellendale mine in Australia included 2,884 carats of fancy yellow diamonds to Tiffany & Co. for an average $3,379 per carat, which was 33 percent higher than prices achieved in the first quarter of 2010. The average price of the remaining Ellendale production rose 37 percent to $195 per carat. Gem Diamonds and Tiffany are currently negotiating a price review regarding their agreement for fancy yellow diamonds, which will take effect on April 1. If you are shopping on FCI and you want an additional discount, why not visit the Discounted Jewelry Page.

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