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Ring Setting F.A.Q.s




Items purchased below $2,000
FCI will be happy to issue a store credit for any item that you are not entirely delighted with that you have purchased for under $2,000. Please call us within 24 hours of receiving the jewelry to let us know that you would like to return the item. We permit an additional 24 hours (48 hours if received on a Saturday) to ship it fully insured, in perfect condition, in the original box. A store credit less shipping and any sizing charges will be issued by FCI that you are welcome to use at any time.

Items purchased over $2,000
FCI offers a full refund less a $200 restocking fee. Please call us within 24 hours of receiving the jewelry to let us know that you would like to return the item. We permit an additional 24 hours (48 hours if received on a Saturday) to ship it fully insured, in perfect condition, in the original box. A refund will be sent within 2 business days, less shipping, any sizing charges, handling fees and the restocking fee.

Please note that your FCI Order, placed either online or in person, either paid in part or in full, is your commitment to buy. Your FCI Order travels the ‘FCI conveyor-belt’ usually without obstruction, in the process of payment receipt and confirmation, ring sizing, engraving, setting, special ordering, shipping and confirmation. You can help us by being patient, and understanding that we are in total control of some of these processes but not all, so occasionally we may ask for your tolerance and understanding that FCI has not forgotten you. At times we all just have to accept that there are forces greater than FCI such as FedEx, International Manufacturers and Climate Change that can, on occasion, obstruct the FCI conveyor-belt but please NEVER forget that FCI is here to serve you and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that we are working to ensure that your order reaches you in perfect condition, in a timely manner so that you are more than delighted to leave your personal comments in our GUEST BOOK.

CREDIT CARDS: Please note that Credit Card transaction refunds will be paid by check if refunded more than 24 hours after the transaction.

SPECIAL ORDERS: Every item of jewelry that is Special Ordered and paid for in part or in full, is non-returnable & non-refundable due to the fact that it is made to order, (to your exact specifications) which may include several of the following details; specific center stone size, specific ring size, specific colored side stones, specific choice of metal, with or without a wedding band, with a specific diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald center stone. For this reason, please check that all your center stone measurements are accurate and the setting is made to fit the center stone you have in mind because FCI's agreements with manufacturing suppliers are without exception irrevocable.

LAYAWAY PLAN: Layaway items are removed from FCI for up to 90 days to allow you an extended period of time to complete your purchase. The privilege of making an FCI Layaway purchase interrupts FCI online sales flow for a significant amount of time during which the item could have been sold, therefore such items do not warrant a return privilege whether paid for in part or in full.

LOOSE DIAMONDS: Loose Diamonds are provided to your exact specifications and they are therefore not subject to return whether paid for in part or in full.

JEWELRY REPAIRS: Please note that any item of jewelry purchased from us is no longer guaranteed by Fay Cullen Inc. when a jeweler not employed by us has worked on it. This applies to stone setting, ring sizing and any major or minor repairs. Additionally, any ring sized to any size other than 6.5 will be charged upon return, to size it back to the original ring size.


As we are essentially more focused on fast turnover, we have instigated an automatic price reduction system that allows the sale of every item within the course of 12 months. Those registered for our Newsletter will be notified of the reductions and given the first opportunity to purchase these items at Discounted Prices. This prevents the necessity of having to negotiate time-consuming transactions and by the same token allows you a first-hand opportunity to view all the Reduced Jewelry items. Thank you for your interest in our Pricing Policy and for working with us to build a competitively priced and still commercially viable Antique Jewelry web-site. Please note that if you are not registered for our Newsletter, you will not be notified of the discounts offered first on Discount Days.




Here at we pride ourselves in the very high quality of our stock. Although a great many of our pieces are up to and some over 100 years old, we are very discerning buyers and purchase only the very finest in quality. Please see our Guest Book accessible from each page of site, for our customer's most recent comments. Please note that should a jeweler not employed by Fay Cullen Inc. work on any item of jewelry purchased from us, we can no longer be responsible for the condition of said item.





Please note that as the price of precious metals will be reacting violently to our fiat currency the coming decade, ring sizing is becoming increasingly more expensive. When you place your order, the ring sizing price will be automated after you indicate your required ring size prior to placing your order. Please allow 5 working days for ring sizing. If you require expedited ring sizing, please contact us and we will send you an additional bill as this process is not automated. Please note that we cannot be responsible for sizing, stone setting and any repairs executed by any jeweler not employed by Fay Cullen Inc.

Expedited Ring Sizing Charges

3 Day RUSH SIZING................additional $50
2 Day RUSH SIZING................additional $100
Same Day Rush sizing............additional $200 

Some rings cannot be sized, such as some irregular eternity rings, enameled rings, rings with stones near the sizing area that respond poorly to heat, and rings that need to be sized either up or down so much that to do so would compromise the integrity of the mounting. We always list the size of our rings and in our description where you will find details as to whether or not they are easily sizable.




Our system of inventory rotation here at Fay Cullen Inc. has been developed over the course of the last 25 years experience. After being listed on our site for 6 months, every item of jewelry is automatically discounted. To be notified of 'Discount Days', please be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter and you will be given the first opportunity to review our discounts. If you receive our Newsletter, you will be notified as to consecutive 'Discount Days' and Special Offers. I'm sorry but we do not accept offers at this time. By this method, everyone benefits.



When a check is debited from your account and credited to our account, it makes us very happy ! If we wanted, we could spend all day on the phone to the bank asking if individual checks have cleared, however, some banks, in the interest of security, don't supply this information. In addition to this, just because our account has been credited, it doesn't mean that your check has been cleared. In the interest of time, we ask you to allow 7 working days for check clearance, just as our bank indicates. Of course, if you would like to avoid the wait, you could take a trip to the bank yourself and purchase a cashier’s check which we treat as cash. There is no clearance and no 7 day delay. This speeds things up for you considerably and avoids the necessity of having to call us with your banking details. You may even like to send it overnight to gain delivery time. Please understand that your ring will be sized and/or shipped the minute your payment has cleared so no need to ‘bug’ us. It is in our interest to ship your ring as soon as absolutely possible and to obtain your delightful comments to our Guest Book.


Yes we do! Fay Cullen Inc. is pleased to offer a 60 day Layaway Plan. By means of small payments made over a maximum period of 60 days, clients are welcome to split their purchase into 3 equal payments throughout a two month duration. Please note that there are No Returns accepted on Layaway items, so too with Special Orders that are always custom-made specifically for you. 
Should you wish to pay using our Layaway Plan, our Shopping Cart is automated to receive credit cards only. To pay by check, please divide the total by three and follow the instructions below.

1. Simply make your purchase using our Shopping Cart, selecting to pay by check.

2. Divide your total by three.

  1. 3. Date each of three checks with today’s date.
  2. 4. Write the date to be deposited on the back of each check. The first check to be deposited will have today's date. The second check will be dated one  month from today and the third check will be dated two months from today.
  3. 5. Send them all to us in one envelope to arrive within 5 days of committing to your purchase.

Sorry but on the 6th day, the site automatically updates all ‘Pending Payment’ items to ‘Available’ and returns them to the site for sale. Should your payment not have arrived within 5 days, you are welcome to contact us and request a ‘Pending Payment’ extension.

International Layaway Plan

If you live anywhere other than the US and you wish to use our Layaway Plan, you are very welcome to do so by submitting your payment by wire transfer.






Since the owner of this business, is copied on every email that is sent to every email communication is completely transparent and every one is followed up on, usually within minutes, very rarely within hours – the power of the IPHONE!

Is this comforting? I spent one year trying to contact Customer Service at British Airways on behalf of a friend of mine to whom I had recommended the company since I'm English. They had a terrible flight and my friend ended up in bed for a week after being transferred in a bus from Heathrow to Gatwick airport with no December. I never spoke to a 'person' and I never received a letter of apology from 'British Airways'. I never recommended them again!

I like to communicate personally with as many potential customers as possible because this is how I would like to be treated. I want you to be so happy with your purchase from this purely online small business, that you recommend us to all of your friends…..this costs us nothing but first rate Customer Service and first rate Customer Satisfaction. Check out our unedited Customer Comments.

By joining up for our 'Newsletter', you will receive inside information on the First Day we Discount Jewelry with featured ‘Discounted Day Jewelry items’. If you haven't yet registered, you may like to do so right now by clicking on one of the links above. Please remember to reply to the email you receive from us in order to activate your subscription otherwise there will be tears!

If you are looking for a specific item, choosing how best to save money by making a purchase, comparison shopping or merely saving an item for future reference, take full advantage of our Treasure Chest by registering for a Customer Account. This will permit you to store any item you wish in your Treasure Chest for future reference; otherwise once an item has been sold from the site, it can only be viewed in the FCI Archives. If you save the item in your Treasure Chest, you will have it to refer to EVEN IF THE ITEM SELLS.

Every item you purchase from FCI is shipped FEDEX, insured by a third party. As soon as your delivery label has been printed and your package is at FEDEX, you are sent an email directing you to your account to enable you to track your package.

As we import an exclusive line of jewelry boxes, every item of jewelry you purchase from is displayed in its own custom-packed box and fitted into its custom-made outer-packer, and if your payment reaches us within 5 days, your purchase will be accompanied by an exclusive FCI micro-fiber polishing cloth and pocket jewelry cleaner.

To nurse you further, we now offer an EXTENDED JEWELRY CARE PLAN to protect that rare moment when either you don’t want to make a claim on your Homeowners Insurance Plan or the problem is not yet covered under your Homeowners Insurance Plan. Occasionally rings and owners take a little adapting and so to smooth the relationship, we offer to reduce the pain in the unlikely event that you dislodge a side-stone or experience a minor mishap that your jeweler wants to use to your advantage.

This is personal service...........................

So, if you are looking for personal service, my advice to those considering doing business with an internet company, is to............CALL many minutes does it take to speak personally to a competent member of staff? Then see how they feel about spending the next 15mins on the phone with you, just as they might do if you were in their store, and ask them all the questions you have jotted down on your notebook. What is their response? How many times were they interrupted?

Then take a few minutes to read our unedited Customer Comments and then call us........





This is the term we apply to any item of jewelry we believe that was not made during the era the style represents. We use the word 'style' in our descriptions only, the page and thumbprints are too short to accept this many characters. We are sorry if this is inconvenient for you but even internet functioning has some drawbacks.
Because there are insufficient original period rings, especially engagement rings to supply the increasing demand for aesthetic and unique styles of engagement ring, we offer a wide selection of engagement rings made in the Art Deco and Edwardian styles.
Our rigorously Quality Controlled engagement rings are almost impossible to discern from the original, often being mounted with European-cut or Old Mine-cut Diamond mele side stones in addition to a wide assortment of Old Mine-cut, European-cut or Rose-cut diamond center-stones. The superior quality of workmanship is identical and indiscernible from an original antique ring, except for the fact that the integrity of a recently made ring can be safely vouched for by Fay Cullen Inc. We mount these attractive engagement rings, which we are very confident to sell for constant and heavy wear, with Antique-cut Diamonds, Old Mine-cut and European-cut Diamonds to equate the obvious high demand with a steady supply of breath-taking rings. Because we have worked with our trusted manufacturers for many years, and because it is an extended family business, we are confident that the integrity of the workmanship and setting, will make these highly sought after rings increasingly more desirable.





FCI by stringent demand, added for your convenience a Shopping Cart to speed your payment process. Please have your ring size available when ordering a ring, read and consider our Extended Care Plan and decide how much of a rush you are in because this will determine whether you opt for overnight 2nd or third day shipping. The process is fully automated and most items other than Special Orders can be shipped overnight.
If you wish to purchase a Special Order Ring Setting, our RING SETTINGS F.A.Q.s are located at the bottom of this page. Please note that we do not ship items valued for more than $2,000 over the weekend and all items valued over $10,000 are automatically shipped overnight.
If speed is a consideration (this applies mostly to men!), please consider these options:

​If you want to receive your purchase 'yesterday', we can ship overnight if required and you are welcome to send a cashier’s check overnight or pay by wire transfer or credit card.

If you would like your ring to be sized, (see appropriate question), please note that we will not make arrangements for it to picked up by the jeweler until your PAYMENT HAS CLEARED.
CHECKS sometimes take longer than expected to clear. Be sure to note that even though the funds have been taken out of your account and they have been posted to ours, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOUR CHECK HAS CLEARED. Checks have been taking up to 10 working days to clear. So if you are in any kind of hurry, please save yourself the time and unnecessary worry by sending a money order or cashiers' check.
Please note that CASHIERS CHECKS ARE NO LONGER CONSIDERED CASH and take approximately 3 days to clear. 

FCI absorbs the credit card or PayPal charges for up to $2000. If you would like to pay the full amount by credit card or PayPal, the outstanding charges are not subsidized. To avoid additional charges, you are welcome to pay the balance by money order, a cashier's check or a personal or business check. If the balance is too much for you to pay right now, please review our Layaway Plan. Yes, I know we Americans want it NOW and love to pay credit card interest, but this might just teach you a little self-control and help you save on those interest payments!
You are very welcome to wire money into our account but please understand that our LOCAL BANK does charge us $30 per domestic WT and $60 for international WT’s, which we pass on to you. This is still the safest way to send money, especially internationally.

Please note. We do not accept payments in any other currency than $US.

Please make all CHECKS PAYABLE TO Fay Cullen, Inc.

129 Bleachery Blvd. #17
Asheville, NC 28805
Toll Free: (800) 608-3011
International: (305) 354-3000
Fax: (828) 254-3119
Email :
All Shipments are sent by FedEx and insured through Lloyds of London





If you are considering Consigning an item of jewelry to FCI and you have an appraisal, a picture or two and a certificate from GIA, EGL, etc, this it makes life a little easier! If you do not have any of these items, it's more expensive since we will need to obtain an EGL or GIA certificate to add it to the site. The more information that you are able to provide for us, the more time and money you will save yourself. If you are not in a hurry, the best way to realize the fairest price is to sell it on; you won't be guaranteed a sale date but you will be guaranteed that your jewelry sells at absolutely the highest price. This is due to the fact that it has constant 24 hour online exposure by thousands of unique users every day which inevitably means a faster turnover.

Last week we resold a platinum Art Deco style ring for a client that he purchased in 2010 for $7,300. The ring had not previously been certified so upon certification, we added it to the site. His ring sold in 15 days for $9,000!
To begin the consignment process, please click here.



Most of our purchases are made from dealers who buy from the public. Our average purchases tend to be six figures, so in answer to requests for additional information, provenance, history or previous owners, we're very sorry but we are unable to supply this kind of personal information that may be more readily available at your local antique jewelry store when you make your purchase from them. We do try to add all the available information at the time of description writing but if there is a specific question you have that we may have omitted, we will do our best to answer it for you. Where the name or country is specified, please note that this is verifiable information deriving from any touch-marks, hallmarks, signatures or other authenticated ways of identifying either the maker or the country of origin, it is not merely a subjective opinion it is a verifiable observation.


These are several constructive suggestions for you, aimed at successful project completion.

FIRST, make sure you have a COMPETENT jeweler, familiar with working in gold and platinum that will be amenable to mounting your stone in our setting.

SECOND, ensure he has INSURANCE that covers the setting of your diamond. If he hasn't, please understand that he's not responsible for anything that might happen to your stone and there may be a disclaimer on his wall.

THIRD, ask him exactly how much he charges to set your stone in our setting before you leave your diamond to prevent an unbudgeted shock when you pick it up (some jewelers refuse to take the responsibility for setting expensive stones as most of them aren't covered by insurance). If he does have insurance, be prepared to pay him approximately $300 to set your diamond. Jewelry insurance is expensive and if he's handling high value goods that could be damaged, it will be necessary for him to pass on this charge to you.

FOURTH, why don't you take a look at our Certified Loose Diamonds pages to compare our selection, availability and pricing? We set your diamond at no charge.


You may welcome expert advice from FCI regarding your individual needs. Purchasing both Ring Setting and Loose Diamond from FCI will save you headaches, money and time that might otherwise be spent coordinating with several different parties to successfully procure a diamond, a setting, a jeweler, an appraiser and an Extended Jewelry Care Plan. We can eliminate the possibility of; what if it doesn't fit; why wasn't it set straight; why did a side-stone fall out; why is the jeweler charging me $300 to set a stone; why is the appraisal so high; why do I have to spend so much on the additional insurance when I can obtain an identical ring for so much less? We are happy to take care of all the above to ensure your purchasing experience from Fay Cullen Inc. is one that you will remember with pleasure for the rest of your life.

Your savings may well amount to several hundred dollars but that’s not the best news. Any idea how many disaster stories we have heard where the setter couldn't set the diamond, set it poorly or told our client that the stone was too small or too big for the ring setting...and then time ran out! The time it takes to find a ring setting, a diamond, a ring box, a jeweler and an appraiser is considerable. We eliminate this time-intensive search by offering you a very competitively priced package to entirely eliminate the labor intensive option of shopping elsewhere!






In the highly unlikely event that a stone falls out of any item of jewelry you purchase from us within the first 7 days of ownership, with your consent, we will appoint FedEx to collect your pre-wrapped package and return it to us fully insured. Assuming that the item has not suffered an obvious grievous misdemeanor, we will gladly replace and reset the missing stone. Your ring will be quickly restored to its original condition and shipped back to you post-haste fully insured with FedEx.

Although we make every effort to 'persuade' any loose stones to fall out while they are in our possession during our Quality Control process, occasionally a ten minute dip in the ultrasonic and 90lbs of steam pressure are not enough to do what you and FedEx are capable of! Due to the fact that we subject our jewelry to such stringent tests during our Quality Control process, it should always arrive in perfect condition. Jewelry is by nature, an expensive commodity; therefore we strongly recommend insuring all your jewelry with an Established and Reliable Insurance Company or add your purchase to your Home-owners Policy. We do send a complimentary appraisal with every purchase over $1,000 for this very reason. It is not sent to impress you as to how big your savings was, neither is it to use as a drawer liner, it is for you to give to your insurance agent to cover you in the event of loss or damage.




  1. Purchase your item of jewelry.
  2. Insure your jewelry on your home owners’ policy or any other policy you wish to take out.
  3. Wear your jewelry with the knowledge that it is safe.

Cars can be purchased for less than some of you spend on diamonds..........would you drive one that wasn't insured? In the highly unlikely event that a stone falls out of any item of jewelry you purchase from us within the first 30 days of ownership, if you have purchased our EXTENDED JEWELRY CARE PLAN return your package securely wrapped to us fully insured and we will conduct a thorough inspection of the damage. Assuming that the item has not suffered an obvious grievous misdemeanor, we will gladly replace and reset the missing stone as detailed in our Plan as long as your warranty is still active. Your jewelry will be quickly restored to its original condition and shipped back to you post-haste fully insured with FedEx.

Although we make every effort to 'persuade' any loose stones to fall out while they are in our possession, occasionally a ten minute dip in the ultrasonic and 90lbs of steam pressure are not enough to do what you and FEDEX are capable of ! Due to the fact that we subject our jewelry to such stringent tests, it will arrive non-defective. However, most of the items we sell have had previous owners, for this reason and the fact that jewelry is by nature, an expensive commodity, we strongly recommend insuring your jewelry with a reliable agency or add it onto your home-owners policy. We do send a complimentary appraisal with every purchase over $1,000 for this very reason. It is not sent to impress you as to how big your savings was, it is for you to give to your insurance agent to cover you in the event of loss or damage. Please use it as such; it is not a drawer-liner. If you do lose a stone, we might be able to help you to find an appropriate replacement stone if your local jeweler cannot and you have not purchased our EXTENDED JEWELRY CARE PLAN. Contact us and we will do our best to locate and set a matching stone to restore your piece of jewelry to its original glory. There is a charge for this service.




Anyone receiving a package shipped to a North Carolina address will incur 7% sales tax.





This is the estimated retail value and the agreed upon appraisal price.





If you are spending $1,000 or more on any item of jewelry, you will receive an appraisal to assist you in insuring your jewelry.


If you are spending less than $1,000 on any item of jewelry, it will not be accompanied by an appraisal. However, if you wish to purchase an appraisal for any item you are purchasing from us for less than $1,000, the price is $75.




'Your Price' applies to customers spending $5,000 or less.






Any item of jewelry that is a Special Order is non-returnable & non-refundable, the fact that it is specially made to order keeps our prices low. Please note that if the Special Order is for a specific center stone size that has not been made previously, a new mold will require hand-carving and we may need additional time and a great deal more labor so please plan well ahead. If your ring size is smaller than a 5 or larger than a 7, a custom ring setting may need to be made because the finger size greatly determines the gallery, the undercarriage, the shoulder and head-fitting micro-measurements and overall weight, to ensure the most comfortable fit for a ring that some of you like to wear 24/7!
While we try to quote you as accurate an ETA as possible, we cannot guarantee nor be responsible for late delivery of Special Orders because we are not manufacturers nor do we have any control over the importation of items being shipped to us. While we do everything in our power to ensure our customers are happy with every order we fill, our ETA is only guidance to assist you in planning. Please note that the majority of our orders are completed and shipped well before the ETA as over 900 comments in our Guest Book will attest.




We accept American Express, Visa, Master-card and Discover.

International Orders
Please note that only payments made by wire transfer are automated. International credit cards are only accepted for purchases up to $2,000, they can only be shipped to a verified billing address and we will require a faxed CCAF. Due to the fact that credit card companies ship to non-verified addresses, all international credit card orders require manual application




If you purchased an item of jewelry from Fay Cullen Inc. that you wish to resell, we will be happy to return it to our site for a cost of between $250- $600 deducting 10% of the Maximum selling price when it sells. We will mutually decide on a Maximum and Minimum Selling Price, the former of which we gradually reduce to the lower price after the item has been on FCI for 6 months. If you don’t know the market price of your item, FCI will be happy to suggest prices for you. To consign with FCI, you will be required to sign and return a Consignment Agreement Form.
Please note that we cannot guarantee when it will sell but the average period of time an item of jewelry remains on is 6 months, while engagement rings take a little less.





Domestic Shipping FEDEX

Jewelry insured for less than $2000 may be shipped Overnight, 2nd Day or 3rd Day.

Jewelry insured between $2000 and $9,999 may be shipped Overnight or 2nd Day.

Jewelry insured for $10,000 or more must be shipped Overnight. 

Please note that items insured for $2000 or more cannot be shipped over the weekend for security purposes and all packages require an adult signature.

When your package has been shipped, you will receive an automated email from FCI, however, to obtain your tracking number, for security purposes, you will need to login to your account.
Please understand that we cannot guarantee the delivery date since we have no control over such conditions as the weather. Because weather conditions are considered by Lloyds of London to be an ‘Act of God’, packages that are delayed by detrimental weather conditions are not subject to refund by any carrier. Please note that your FedEx package will be sent from ‘FCI.’ In accordance with Fay Cullen Inc. security procedures, your package will be distinctively sealed both externally and internally to immediately alert you to tampering. We do use temper-resistant methods for your protection so, excited as you may be, please remain alert until your package is opened and you are satisfied that your purchase has reached you in perfect unopened condition.
International Shipping by FEDEX
All international shipments are fully insured against loss, accompanied by a Fay Cullen Inc. invoice. 
You may be required to pay 'Customs and Excise' import duty and import tax. Please note that this is regulated by individual countries so you might like to contact those who regulate the rate of tax levied on specific items when they reach an international port of entry to ascertain what you should expect to pay.)




The diamond you selected has most likely been certified by an external body of recognized appraisers such as GIA, EGL, AGTA, ETC. This individual certificate will accompany your purchase.






Our Extended Jewelry Care Plan is specifically designed for your peace of mind.


This Extended Care Jewelry Plan covers all inspections, cleaning if required and Covered Repairs and Services to the jewelry included in this Plan. Covered Repairs and Services to the jewelry include the parts and labor necessary to correct problems which occur during normal usage of the jewelry, consistent with the conditions for which it was designed and manufactured. Depending on the particular items of jewelry for which the Plan coverage is purchased, it will include re-sizing, ring re-shaping, provision and re-setting of small diamonds or pearl re-stringing, clasp repair, broken chain repair, repair of worn or broken prongs, repair of broken earring posts or other similar repairs.

Jewelry that has been damaged as a result of excessive or abusive treatment, or that has been repaired by a store other than Fay Cullen Inc. is not covered by this Extended Care Plan. This Plan also does not cover the shipping cost, loss or theft of this item of jewelry, damage resulting to the jewelry from loss, theft or Act of God, or any consequential damages, or loss of use resulting from the broken or damaged jewelry, or from any delay in our repairing the jewelry.

30 Day Coverage...........$20
90 Day Coverage...........$50
1 YR Coverage..............$100

We strongly recommend that you add all jewelry purchases to your Home Owners Insurance Policy 




Hopefully our reputation is partly the reason you have chosen to shop with us.

Our center-stones don't just 'fall-out' but trust me, in 25 years, I've heard everything from nuclear to radioactive! For this reason, I would highly recommend that you don't wear your jewelry until you have Fully Insured it to withstand waste disposal accidents, car-door accidents and even hurricanes and earthquakes in the event you are able to locate an Insurance Company that doesn't recognize Acts of God.

If you do lose a center stone, feel free to review our extensive Loose Diamonds List.


  • Start by selecting the appropriate Center Stone Size for the Engagement Ring Setting that you are    interested in viewing.
  • If the center square box denoting the Center Stone Size is shaded, this Engagement Ring Setting Style is not available in that particular center stone size.
  • Use your curser to select any of the Featured Certified Diamonds for your Engagement Ring Setting, OR Sapphire, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Emerald or Aquamarine and mount the stone of your choice! Please note that this is not the actual stone that you will receive. Your chosen center stone size will be subject to availability at the time of ordering.
  • To order the stone of your choice, please click on the lower triangle in the diamond-shape that reads ‘BUY’ and it will be instantaneously added to your Shopping Cart in the right had margin.
  • To order the Engagement Ring Setting and/or Wedding Band, if available in 14k, 18k or platinum, simply run your cursor over the price in the grid and click where it reads ‘Add to Cart’.
  • Select your Ring Size in the drop-down menu reading ‘Select’ and it will add your ring size to the Shopping Cart.
  • Select your Extended Care Plan time period and it will be added to your Shopping Cart.
  • If none of the Featured Diamonds meet your requirements, please scroll down the page to ‘More Diamond Options’ where you will find a very wide range of options from which to choose, selected specifically for this size Engagement Ring Setting.
  • The Engagement Ring Setting description will include all the available information about this Ring Setting, the Delivery Time, Special Order Return Policy and other pertinent information that should be considered prior to purchase.
If the box contains no quote, this ring setting is not available in that particular metal at this time.

I’m sorry but this Engagement Ring Setting is not customizable.

If this ring setting is offered with different colored side-stones, there will be a link in the description to the alternative options offered, otherwise not.

Different vendors have different delivery times (usually 6-8 weeks) but please consult the description details.

I’m sorry but we do not offer expedited Special Orders at this time but we do suggest placing your order well ahead of your timeline to prevent you having to contact us unnecessarily.

You will need to find a very competent jeweler to mount your round center stone in an Engagement Ring Setting purchased from FCI unless noted in the description that the center stone must be provided by FCI.

I’m sorry but FCI no longer offers Engagement Ring Settings for other than round center stones. In some instances, a cushion-cut diamond may work.

The square Model Number box contains the approximate weight and millimeter size of the diamond that will fit that particular Engagement Ring Setting. Here is a more comprehensive list of millimeter sizes for you to apply to your loose diamond to ascertain which setting most closely meets your round loose stone requirements.

M1D fits a 0.25ct to 0.40ct (4.00mm - 4.70mm) round diamond.
M2D fits a 0.41ct to 0.65ct (4.71mm - 5.57mm) round diamond.
M3D fits a 0.66ct to 0.80ct (5.58mm - 6.00mm) round diamond.
M4D fits a 0.90ct to 1.15ct (6.01mm - 6.80mm) round diamond.
M5D fits a 1.25ct to 1.80ct (6.81mm - 7.60mm) round diamond.
M6D fits a 1.90ct to 2.20ct (7.90mm - 8.50mm) round diamond.
M7D fits a 2.85ct to 3.25ct (9.10mm - 9.60mm) round diamond.

Why not personalize your proposal by presenting your engagement ring in a solid sterling silver ring box and engraving the lid with up to 3 important initials?

FCI’s sterling silver Engagement Ring Box is fully engravable with up to 3 initials, making it the ideal way to say ‘Will You Marry Me?’


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