Simply Stunning!


My engagement ring was picked out solely by my husband 5 years ago from Fay Cullen. When he presented the ring and asked me to marry him I could not believe how gorgeous my ring was. The detail was one of a kind and incredibly unique. When it came time to purchase my wedding band we went to Fay Cullen with the request to have a band made that would cup the engagement ring but not cover the details on the setting. They came through with another unique piece that was exactly as I asked. It maintained the look and feel of my antique style ring and created a beautiful set. This year for my birthday my husband had an identical band made to cup the other side of my engagement ring. I received the ring yesterday and the only thing I can say is that this set is Simply Stunning. The items sold by Fay Cullen are unique and truly more beautiful in person than the website could possibly convey. Thank you Fay Cullen! I will continue to be your customer for years to come.

Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010, 11:49 AM by Heidi from Charlotte, NC
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