Lost and Found my FCI Ring!


Hello, Sharon Ertsgaard here. Just wanted to share a anecdote abut the amazing Customer Service at Fay Cullen. Wedding ring lost, then found. One day a few weeks ago I suddenly realized I wasn't wearing my wedding band. You know, that heart drops down into your belly feeling? That's it. I spent a week for so looking high and low in every possible hiding place. Finally, I emailed Fay Cullen on the weekend and got a call back within an hour. On a weekend? Marc H. called back and I explained the situation - lost ring, want to replace but could no longer find the ring on the Fay Cullen website. Marc H. was so helpful and kind. The vendor no longer carried the ring, but that he would contact them to see if there was anything they can do. Marc stayed right on top of it every step of the way. I had also broken my foot and was hobbling around and was trying to purchase a new home! How did I break a foot? You may ask! I tripped over the dog (puppy, but 30 lbs. already)! So, I had been missing being with my dog - we usually take a long 30-45 minute escapade. Just before I posted the payment to FC for the replacement ring, I realized that with this new walking cast, I could walk the dog again! So, I set off on my usual dog trot. I usually wear gloves when walking the dog as he seems to weigh a lot more than he does on the puppy scale at the vet's! Well, after four long weeks, I was ready to take Max out. I went to put on my leather gloves. When I slipped the glove back on my left hand there was my beautiful Fay Cullen ring! What a joy! Of course jewelry can be replaced but the sentimental value is priceless. I emailed Marc and told him the good news. He was genuinely happy for me. Shopping at Fay Cullen for my wedding band the first time was a rewarding experience as I found exactly the right ring for me. After this outstanding Customer Service, I will certainly shop at FC again and tell all of my friends about it! Thanks, Marc, and thanks, Fay Cullen. Bravo!

Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2010, 11:11 PM by Sharon from Ertsgaard
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