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I Have Purchased Many Items From Fay Cullen...

Posted on Fri 10 Aug 2012, 12:38pm by DAY from United States

I have purchased many items from Fay Cullens and they are so professional, timely and kind. I always remember the first piece I bought, and assure many that it is a safe place on the internet. Thank Y...   Read More

I Am So Thrilled......

Posted on Thu 2 Aug 2012, 21:53pm by Molly M.S. from United States

I am so thrilled with your unique product! I will definitely be back. Original one of a kind earrings. TReasures! Thank you....   Read More

"Just what we Wanted at the Right Price"

Posted on Sat 21 Jul 2012, 21:31pm by Ron Shurie from United States

Can't tell you how long my fiance and I looked for an Edwardian engagement ring, finally finding just what we wanted at the right price here on Fay Cullen's web-site. We are very pleased with the tran...   Read More

Received Nothing but Gushing Complements from the Masses, Including Other Jewelers!

Posted on Mon 18 Jun 2012, 17:19pm by Catherine from United States

In March, my (now) husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Fay and Marc to choose my engagement ring in person. After trying on 8 stunning pieces (seriously, as pretty as they are on the website, th...   Read More

Rose-cut White Topaz Pink Pearl Drop Earrings

Posted on Wed 13 Jun 2012, 19:54pm by Caroline from United States

Fay Cullen has been one of my favorite sites for many years! My last purchase was beautifull white rose cut topaz dangle drop earings with a beautifull pink pearl for the drop. Gorgeous!! Wearing t...   Read More

Fairy Tale Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Box

Posted on Thu 24 May 2012, 2:48am by Olivia from United States

Thank you so much! I love my ring box so much I was proposed to on May 18,2012 :) it was amazing, such a fairy tale and I loved every second and w/that ring box now I have a keepsake not only on my f...   Read More

My Consigned Ring Sold in Just 3 Months!

Posted on Wed 16 May 2012, 9:26am by Sarah from United States

Thank you Fay Cullen! I found your staff to be extremely professional, friendly, honest and attentive. And my consignment sale happened much faster than I anticipated! I would definitely turn to Fay C...   Read More

Gorgeous Sapphire Ring that even impressed MY home jeweler

Posted on Mon 7 May 2012, 11:19am by Christine M from United States

I purchased the most gorgeous Edwardian Sapphire ring at Fay Cullen. My home jeweler was very impressed with the quality of the stone. Very easy, very professional service....   Read More

Padparacha Sapphire is All that I Could Expect and MORE!

Posted on Sat 5 May 2012, 2:29am by Joan from Australia

I am absolutely delighted with my purchase, the Padparacha sapphire is all that I could have expected and more, The setting is exquisite & complements the stone perfectly. It joins my collection of Au...   Read More

A big Thank You

Posted on Fri 4 May 2012, 19:10pm by Liz from United States

I have purchased jewelry from Fay Cullen periodically for many years, and have never been disappointed. That goes for a recent ring I bought. What I love about the FCI website is that the jewelry is...   Read More

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