100 Conflict Free Reasons To Go Canadian

If you can afford it, some of the first diamonds to be mined in Ontario will be going up for sale at Birks’ flagship store in downtown Toronto on Monday. The 100 Ontario-certified gems are extremely high-quality, with a retail value that’s between 10% and 15% higher than other diamonds because they are both mined and processed in Canada. Mining Minister Michael Gravelle stated that shoppers who buy these diamonds will be supporting Ontario’s diamond industry, one of the few in the world that controls the diamond journey from rough to ring box, all within one province.
This is the very first batch available from De Beers ‘Victor’ mine in Attawapiskat in northern Ontario, Canada, which began operations in 2008. The glittering gems were available in Toronto until May 1, when they went on tour around Canada, exhibiting in other major cities.

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