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A reputable critique of conflict diamonds and advocate of the environment once wrote: ‘One carat of diamonds is extracted from one ton of Kimberlite, which itself is extracted from ten thousand tons of rock’! More disturbing than the enormous damage to the earth inflicted by diamond mining is the existence of the so-called ‘blood diamonds’, referring to diamonds mined under horrendous and unethical working conditions comparable to if not worse than slavery. The only true guarantee that you are not purchasing a blood diamond is the fact that rough-cut diamonds are not valuable enough to warrant smuggling! Conflict-free diamonds refer to those obtained through entirely distinct procedures which do not involve hazardous chemicals, radiation or other environmentally dangerous substances and contrary to ‘blood diamonds’, are produced under ethical, non-discriminatory and humanitarian working conditions. It is encouraging to witness a trend towards the gradual substitution of ‘dirty diamonds’ by what we term as ‘conflict-free’ diamonds, and a joy to observe that this consciousness is gaining grounds simultaneously with respect to precious metals. Renewed sources of precious metals derived from recycled jewelry or industrial products are increasingly explored in order to complement the conflict-free diamonds by ‘environmentally responsible’ precious metals, of identical quality to newly mined metals once reclaimed and refined.

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