Conflict-Free Brown Diamonds

Did you notice the subtle 2008 trend towards brown diamonds? Well, it’s no longer subtle!
The sold rings below showed us an early trend towards these luscious, brilliant and appealing stone contrasts. And so, as these flew out of inventory, we eagerly replaced this fine collection with a wider range of sizable colored diamonds commencing with 2.00cts, just enough to make a splash!

Although diamonds are April birthstone, if you are an April baby, there’s nothing at all stopping you from adopting one of these stunning diamonds as your ‘signature’ ring! Some of you may know that I’m extra partial to colored stones, especially well-cut, evenly colored gemstones in which I personally see degrees of beauty, not least diamonds. In fact, this is a ring we sold last week, totally my taste, aesthetic, colorful, valuable and mounted with three colors of diamonds…that’s what I call pretty!

Perhaps it’s the color contrast, perhaps my inherent aesthetic appreciation, who knows but I’m absolutely a colored diamond kinda girl! Note that although these stones may be graded SI3 and even I1, although the inclusions may be visible in some cases, I don’t feel like they distract from the beauty of either the ring or the stone. Jewelry after all is supposed to be beautiful and stones that appeal to my taste have to be beautiful to warrant FCI’s mind-blowing photography.

If you look very closely, you can see the inclusions in our 100X magnification but especially with brown and colored diamonds, they are difficult to spot with the naked eye because these diamonds are so well-cut with so much fire, the inclusions easily camouflage themselves. Inevitably conflict-free because they are not sufficiently valuable to warrant smuggling, these diamonds are purchased from our valued vendor who oversees the cutting himself, thus ensuring a very fine ‘make’ to bring FCI a wonderful selection of fancy brown-yellow and fancy yellow-brown diamonds.

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