David Yurman

David Yurman Inc., headquartered in New York, is a privately held high-end American designer jewelry company consisting of 18 boutiques in 10 states and 3 international outlets, the first of which opened in Hong Kong.

Growing up in Long Island, David Yurman the artist first revealed young entrepreneurial spirit, selling little sculptures in his high school cafeteria and after the age of 16 as a sculptor, in which profession he remained for two decades. After studying for a year at NYU, David hitched from New York to Big-Sur in California, returning to Greenwich Village in the late 1960’s when fate brought him into contact with a gifted painter, Sybil Kleinrock, who had also travelled from the east.

A gallery owner spotted Sybil in one of David’s jewelry items at a gallery opening and asked to buy it, and so birthed Putnam Art Works in the early 1970’s after the two moved to the countryside. Almost a decade later they married after exhibited their designs and paintings at various craft fairs, learning the marketplace for fine crafts and jewelry and unbeknownst to them, laying the groundwork for the founding of David Yurman, the brand and company founded in 1980. Half a decade later, a cable bracelet gained recognition for Yurman, a style from which he hasn’t strayed, one that branded his image and a style that gave him a signature. Not stopping with jewelry, Yurman now sells watches, fragrances and eye-wear.

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