FCI Donating 50 Jewelry Boxes to Raise Funds for Mandarin Children

Our expert photographer Frank and his beautiful wife Kathy have adopted a South Florida School by the name of Mandarin that is in dire need of basic amenities such as pencils, paper, crayons and books. When asked what the pupils would most benefit from, the principal stated ‘belts?’ so even though our education system is operating on the ‘No child Left Behind’ principle, these impoverished children were attending school without even basic clothing attire. Meanwhile, Miami Beach sports some of the most expensive cars, the most exclusive malls and the most lavish houses in the country. What is wrong with this picture? Can we really indulge in our luxurious lifestyles knowing that there are those amongst us who live well below the poverty line?
Here is Kathy’s recent email, updating us on the impact that sending just a few boxes of supplies had on her adopted school;

Hi Fay,
I just met with the teacher of my school so I could determine where we are at with ‘needs’. I totally took care of the need for belts and this school year is coming to an end. I have planned a pizza party for them, this is so exciting as some kids come to school just for the meals provided. Mandarin offers breakfast and lunch to those who attend. This guarantees that kids eat at least once a day.
Your stuff was sooooo appreciated and they will use every supply! I will be collecting for August 2011 in a few months, I would like to open the school year will all the supplies needed for the coming 2012 year. We will be making ‘reading’ the focus and hope to provide all the necessary basic supplies and a kindle for one achiever for end of year.
They are also asking for boxes of basic microwave popcorn and large jars of pretzel stix and anything that could be used in arts and crafts.
We will provide pix of the 2012 kids when the term begins.
Thank you for your interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FCI would like to continue to support Kathy’s great work by in turn, asking for the support of our loyal followers. FCI is donating 50 x FCI Jewelry Boxes that would make ideal Mother’s Day gifts, selling for just $10 each, (use the Promo Code ‘ships4free’ for Complimentary Shipping) to raise $500 to send to Kathy to help towards her Pizza Party. Please support our cause by buying a box (Regular Price $32) and if you want to extend your support of the needy, why not in turn brighten someone’s day by giving it to a teacher, a friend in need, a Mother having a tough time or someone who recently lost their job. To some of us, it’s such a small amount, but the act of giving makes such an impact on those who least expect it, as I’m sure you are well aware. I ask you to make your purchase NOW and help us raise our goal of $500 before Friday.
Thank you everyone for your support.
Fay Cullen

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