Feng Shui, The Front Door

As Ch’i or energy enters the house through the doors and windows, it may be beneficial to consider the size, the materials from which its made, the dynamics of use and the direction of opening.
Using the front door to enter and leave your house is important to prevent bickering between the occupants. Minimal back-door use for emptying the garbage or accessing the yard if preferable.
The door size should be relative to the size of the property, too large a door may cause loss of opportunity while too small a door may cause disharmony within. Additionally, the front door should be larger than the back door, encouraging energy to enter. However, a faceted crystal hanging just inside the door can easily rectify either issue.
Solid doors are preferable to glass doors but a curtain hanging over a glass door will counteract any negative impact.
Front doors must open inwards to allow Ch’I to enter and there’s no compromising on this one.
As your front door is the entryway to your home, it needs to be treated with respect so be sure to oil hinges, clean it regularly, repair it if broken and ensure that no obstacles prevent it from opening inwards.
To maintain harmonious relationships with callers, ensure that the name or number of your house is clearly visible both during the day and at night.
Beware of ‘poison arrows’ which transform good energy into bad, especially at your front door. This may include a pointed roof, a pointed driveway or pointed decorative pillars, if you do, a Ba Gua mirror can be hung above the door to deflect this energy.
Your front doorbell should be in full working order and easily accessible with a pleasant ring tone.
Optimal door coloring should coordinate with the direction the door
faces as pertaining to the Feng Shui Ba Gua.

South (Fire) = Reds, pink, burgundy.
Southwest (Earth) = Yellows or browns.
West (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold.
Northwest (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold.
North (Water) = Blacks or blues.
Northeast (Earth) = Yellows or browns.
East (Wood) = Greens.
Southeast (Wood) = Greens.

Shoes should not clutter your front door, thus creating stagnant energy and neatly trimmed and regularly watered plants are advantageous to flowing Ch’i.
This is the front door to Fay Cullen Inc. We occupy 4,000ftsq of office space so the double door is relative to the office size. As we face east, our color is green and our element is wood, so we accentuate our front doors with live plants that do not require full sunlight for optimal growing conditions.

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