Flying Slade Smiley to the Top of AT&T

It’s Orange County’s turn to host another Real Housewives Wedding!
Flying Slade Smiley out to the top of the AT&T building in LA. By helicopter, Gretchen Rossi, took the bull by the horns after patiently waiting 4 years, and promptly declared her undying love with a black-gold and black-diamond band.
As if by fate, just 4 days later, Smiley ended up returning the favor with a 4-carat fancy yellow diamond engagement ring surrounded by diamonds.
When asked about her bold proposal, Gretchen replied “Life is too short, I’m in love with this man, and I needed to take the plunge!”
Presently hosting a radio show and allegedly a former male model, this housewife-dating superstar commenced season one in 2007 with Jo De La Rosa; although neither one was a housewife, he was apparently rich enough and she was the perfect image of a trophy wife that Bravo realized they had hit the jackpot with these two. He then moved on to Lauri Waring, back to Jo De La Rosa in a desperate attempt to do a spin off show called ‘Date My Ex: Jo & Slade’ and finally Gretchen Rossi. Rossi and Smiley and counting on this being the last port of call.
If you like to be clad in fancy-yellow, how about one of these diamond engagement rings below?

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