Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen commenced work as a silversmith in the year 1904 and founded his corporation in Copenhagen, primarily working with silver jewelry, cutlery and hollow-ware.

His designs gained popularity throughout Europe within a short period of time and his company continually expanded its scope of operations to encompass a wide assortment of silver, gold and semi-precious stone jewelry, watches, candlesticks, stainless steel and silver cutlery.

His main line of production today under the brand name ‘Georg Jensen’ includes contemporary jewelry and watches, produced in line with the company’s original motto ‘refined and organic’ which is the theme of his entire range of products. It may be said that Georg Jensen’s jewelry items have a completely different look from his other lines. They are mostly crafted in sterling silver and mounted with semi-precious stones, primarily lapis lazuli, chrysophase, amber, carnelian and labradorite.

Amethyst and moonstone are also incorporated in silver sterling rings whose designs were inspired by characteristic Art Nouveau features. Georg Jensen’s gold jewelry by comparison, is rare, usually constructed in 18k yellow gold and usually in the form of Art Nouveau or relatively bold Retro rings confined to textured or repousse gold with only limited gemstones.

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