Georgian Peacock – Graff Peacock – the Old and the New!


Centered with a 20.02ct fancy deep-blue pear shaped diamond, this Graff peacock diamond brooch will be unveiled at the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht, Netherlands tomorrow for 10 days. Measuring about 4inches high, this avian brooch displays round brilliant, marquise and radiant-cut fancy blue, yellow and orange diamonds tipped with colorless haloed pear-shaped diamonds depicting peacock feathers. A skillfully engineered underside clasp permits the release of the center-stone in order to facilitate independent wear while this 120ct diamond brooch is purportedly valued at $100,000,000 or one hundred million dollars.


In stark contrast, this antique vermeil Georgian peacock pin with rose-cut diamonds, emeralds and rubies measures 3 inches high. Constructed in silver-topped 9ct rose gold, this stately English peacock is surrounded by an array of majestic Georgian bejeweled plumage. The body of this splendid bird, which according to legend is a symbol of resurrection and an emblem of pride, is essentially positioned with a substantially sized foil-backed Dutch rose-cut diamond measuring 8mm long by 5.8mm wide and additionally mounted with 171 rose-cut diamonds throughout the extravagant diamond-adorned tail feathers. Sir Peacock is crowned with six custom-cut rubies complimented by grandiosely festooned feathers garlanded in 140 bead-set rose-cut emeralds. Secured by means of a rose-gold hook-and-latch clasp, this original Georgian peacock pin is concluded with a flagrantly chased reverse, masterfully gilded in quill-motif silhouettes.



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