Hans Stern

The history of H.Stern starts with the sale of a ‘Hohner’ accordion, the only memento Stern had taken to Brazil from his native Germany in 1939.

Born in Essen, Germany, Stern came with his family to Brazil at the beginning of World War II, settled in Rio de Janeiro and joined a company exporting gems and rock crystal. In 1945, he established his own small business, which subsequently expanded into one of the most important jewelry networks in the world. Behind the rising brand was Hans Stern, the talented German Émigre, whose German surname means ‘star’, considered by many as a ‘carioca’, meaning ‘native of Rio de Janeiro’.

Hans was born blind and started to see, only with his right eye, at the age of two. This impairment never impeded his success in a business where visual acuity is so essential. By the early 1950s, Stern’s small Brazilian jewelry company had already made a name for itself in international circles. With beautiful jewels and an audacious marketing strategy for that time, the company was poised to revolutionize the traditional jewelry industry.

Throughout more than 50 years, H.Stern has strengthened his prestigious image in Brazil and abroad. In 1964, while Hans was preparing to cross the Atlantic to expand his business in Europe and the Middle East, Time magazine described him as, “the king of diamonds and colored gems, capable of unveiling the personality hidden in every precious stone.”

Years later, the brand he created no longer requires formal introduction. H.Stern has become synonymous with beauty and good taste, be it in New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Rio, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, or in fact anywhere in the world. H. Stern in recent years has invested significantly in style to add value and uniqueness to the precious raw materials – gold, diamonds and colored gems, all that is used in jewelry making.

This has revolutionized the perspective, business, and products of Stern’s company, given the jewelers’ focus on the beauty of Brazilian gems during the first five decades. Today, design is the essence of H.Stern’s creations and his design perspective has injected light and modernity into an already venerable jewelry house, making his jewels appropriate for day or night.

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