Oscar Quick Quiz – 3

ANSWER; Since the Oscar ceremony always exhibits exclusive new jewelry and attire, you must have wondered what becomes of the cast-offs?! The Red Carpet is the ideal branding-run for global designers, in particular couture and unique jewelry. Eager not to miss this opportunity, the media is thorough at covering specific event inventory designed for the sole purpose of branding a style by attaching it to the face of Hollywood elite. Since there are more stars than designers, this is not so competitive as it is financially restrictive.

Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars

After the event, both clothes and jewelry, which have been worn by a particular celebrity, are auctioned off in true entrepreneurial style. Michael Katz, Harry Winston and New Yorker Fred Leighton were amongst the first to calculate and position themselves to advantage from this inevitable media coverage. The Red Carpet served more than a cat-walk, the Red Carpet is the equivalent to an auction preview for the elite where the couture is merely ‘thrown-in’ to document the model. This eliminates past confusion where celebrities frequently mistook the loan to be a gift, passed on in the mistaken investment that the item may well be worn on more than one occasion. Since the Red Carpet is merely a means to an end and no longer defines a lifestyle, as it did in early Hollywood, gifts rarely saw daylight again.

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