Peridot, Chrysolite & Olivine

The August Birthstone has in fact no fewer than three names: ‘peridot’, ‘Chrysolite’, (derived from Greek, meaning ‘gold stone’) and ‘Olivine’, the latter being the family of minerals of which peridot is a member, and encompasses opaque or semi-translucent gems.

Peridot is composed of magnesium and iron found in basaltic igneous rocks, and one of the few gemstones which come in one color only: a rich green with a slight tinge of gold caused by extremely fine traces of iron. Depending on the amount of iron in its composition, peridot can be a fine, rich olive-green, tending towards green-brown, with the presence of a larger amount of iron, or shaded to a yellow-green if the ratio of magnesium is superior to that of iron. The vivid green color of peridot, with a slight of gold, is the ideal gemstone color to match a light summer wardrobe.

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