“We must be ready to defend our country, sacrifice our lives”

President Mugabe stated that the control of Zimbabwe’s resources was important in maintaining the country’s sovereignty.

“Who are they, we ask” Does Britain still regard us as a colony in spite of the fact that on April 17, 1980 they sent Prince Charles to lower their flag and we hoisted our own? That to them is not a reality. It did not truly happen. We are still a colony, but we say we are determined as a country, a free member of the UN, a free member of NAM, a free member of A.U. and a free member of Sadc to debate our own issues as sovereign States?..We do not worry about the goings on in Europe. We do not worry about the unnatural things happening there where they turn a man into a woman and woman into a man . . . If they want to call their country into a gaydom, a British gaydom, it is up to them, President Mugabe said. President Robert Mugabe yesterday accused Europeans for their continued meddling in the country’s internal affairs, stating that Zimbabwe is a sovereign state with the right to determine its own destiny. The president warned Zimbabweans to be vigilant in the face of continued Western power aggression. The president’s remarks follow recent discussions by the E.U. Parliament on Zimbabwe and revelations by Britain and the U.S. that they have an interest in the country’s pending elections. “As we assemble here, there are countries that assemble in Europe to discuss Zimbabwe. To them Zimbabwe is not free, it is not independent, to them in their imagination, Zimbabwe is still a colony. In their Parliament they discuss the situation in Zimbabwe. We are peaceful and we do not debate what is happening in Britain, we do not debate what is happening in Europe.” President Mugabe categorically stated that Zimbabwe has never sought to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. “We do not sit as Zimbabweans, as Sadc to debate how the British coalition led by Cameron is faring. We do not debate how the Americans are running their own country and so we get alarmed when these countries have the audacity to take us as an item to discuss in their own parliament,” he said.

Joshua Nkomo (left) and Robert Mugabe (right), two of the leading figures in the bitter struggle for the liberation of Zimbabwe from colonial white rule.

The Head of State and government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces castigated the recent debate on Zimbabwe by the E.U. Parliament. “We had the E.U. passing a resolution on Zimbabwe, how the GPA should operate, how elections should be held and even how our diamonds should be sold.” “So you can see that the outside world wants again our country to lose its sovereign status. We should remain wary, vigilant and be determined to defend it and so let’s remain united and take care that our country is not allowed to drift through our lack of vigilance into a situation of being controlled as a neo-colony,” he said. “We must be ready to defend our country, sacrifice our lives as many who fought the struggle did, we are Zimbabweans nationally, flying a national flag and singing a national anthem,” he said. President Mugabe reiterated that the control of Zimbabwe’s resources was important in maintaining the country’s sovereignty. “If our economy is controlled by outsiders, our politics will similarly be controlled by outsiders . . . That is why we want our people to have economic power so that the political power we have secured through the barrel of the gun is economic based. If there is no economic base then that independence is weak, that is why we have the indigenisation policy so that our resources are controlled and owned by us so that they benefit the majority of our people,” he said. The president took a swipe on some Zanu-PF [Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front] members who sell-out to the enemy and castigated some members in the inclusive government for calling for the illegal economic sanctions and foreign interference.

Raising of the New Independent Zimbabwe Flag at Rufaro Stadium at midnight on the 18th April 1980. The ceremony was attended by HRH Prince Charles.

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